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The day is short, my time is beyond precious, I have the worlds largest quantity of work to get done and more business development work growing than you could possibly imagine, yet I still found time to sit on the floor for an hour playing with my 9month old daughter!

This is probably one of biggest challenges you are trying to deal with right now! How can I fit everything in that I want to? How can I chase all my dreams at the same time? This is one of the biggest areas that we support people just like you.

You see, I am determined to strike the balance that most miss!  You know the one I mean, right? 

The one where you get to play an active part in your kids growing up, spending quality time with your other half and still grow a business empire faster than most people believe is possible.

For me to achieve this, it is all about this very exact moment and just how present I am within it.  It is about rigorously controlling the noise about me, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and believe it or not, it is far easier than you think!  By achieving this it allows me to achieve what a client recently referred to as “more in 3 months than two of his employees get done in a year – combined!”

The beauty is you to can do this, and it only takes five steps.

DECIDE – This requires self-discipline and rigour, and you need to commit; otherwise, you will never manage it.  Remember, something done with half-heartedness is a waste of everything you put into it.  So DECIDE, why specifically are you doing this? When exactly are you starting it?

IDENTIFY – The exact priority of the next chunk of time, and I mean the absolute ONE priority, nothing more and nothing less.

TURN OFF – anything and everything that is not directly to do with that time periods ONE priority, AND I mean EVERYTHING.  The TV, radio, mobile phone, music, laptop, book, in fact, anything that is not that priority.

ENGAGE – Now put 100% of your mind and body (& nothing less) into your priority for the entire length you have committed to.  Nothing is allowed to interfere. NOTHING

MOVE ON & REPEAT –  Easy, now repeat in everything that you do.

Hold yourself accountable to this for two weeks across 100% of your life and track the positive performance differences that you experience.  These will most likely include: –

  • better relationships with loved ones
  • dramatically increased productivity
  • more highly respected
  • more free time!
  • getting all those things done that you have been putting off for ages
  • more sales
  • and the list can go on……..

This might seem simple on paper but just re-read the 5 steps and ask yourself what is complicated about it. What is probably going on now is your mind is talking about all the reasons why you can’t do it. You are just putting up obstacles that just aren’t there. You are inventing things to protect you from the possibility of failure. Well, that is your choice. The other choice you can make could free you to achieve your dreams!

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