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I am not one to gloat, but when you do something that makes loved ones smile, and you know that this message will change a child’s life, then it is something to share.

How often have you seen or heard the phrase life-changing? It is something that gets thrown out a lot at the moment as people try to grab your attention and your wallet. It is also something that has connotations of such big things that will put them out of reach for most of us, but this does not always have to be the case.

So why do I think this message could change a child’s life? Well, very simple. What is the one thing that every child wants? It is to be loved and acknowledged by his or her parents. That is it. All they want is their parent’s attention. Yes, being a parent is not that simple but giving your child the one thing they truly crave for is that simple. 

This message will change a child’s life because it will remind all of you who work every hour, miss plays, sports, birthday’s and more that you can be there for your child. If one father reads this and then goes and plays with their child for 30 minutes, then the life of that child will be changed!

I feel obliged to write this because of the weekend I have just had. I am very fortunate that I can spend as much time with my son as I choose. I build my work around the choices and priorities that I set in my life. One of my biggest priorities is my son, and this weekend, he was smiling from ear to ear.

We need to remember that it is not always about what we buy them or what experiences we provide for them but more that we do things together. It is about building memories together and having ‘moments’ that just the two of you can share.

My son and I had two moments this weekend. Recently he turned 10, and his Oma (the Dutch word for grandmother) bought him a brand new mountain bike and last weekend we took it for a spin! Off we went cycling through sugar canes, fording rivers, cycling up hills and going crazy down them! Laughing, crying in pain but just being together. Seeing your son push himself physically to get up tough climbs and then show no fear as he comes down them replenished my soul and built a deeper connection. 

On Sunday we took it to a new level when my partner, my son and I went go-karting. It was a surprise, and his face was a picture when we turned up, and he saw these karts speeding around the track. It was a mixture of excitement at doing something for the first time, mixed with fear at the speeds he was going to go. All I can say is we are still talking about the corner where he left a small gap up the inside for me to overtake and as soon as I dived for it he closed the door and slammed me into the tyres! It is these moments that will change a child’s life.

Even if you don’t have a child, you can change someone’s life by being present. By spending time with that person and creating memories. By sharing moments that you can talk about together for years to come. We all crave one thing – to be loved. So show someone love by putting your phone down, closing your laptop, getting home from work early and this one act will change that person’s life!

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