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Whether you like it or not you are a product of your beliefs. While that is a little fluffy for some, your beliefs are the things that drive your actions. So it’s your actions that will bring you the wealth you are looking for! If you conquer your beliefs, the wealth and even happiness you are looking for will take care of itself.

What this means is, if you are not achieving what you want to, it is because of what you believe to be true.

The problem with beliefs is that they are hard to identify and even harder to change. Yet, build a newer, suitable set off beliefs for yourself, and success will quickly happen.

Below are three beliefs that will F#*k up your business. Having worked with 1000’s of businessmen across 3 continents, these are real beliefs that will really screw you up!

1. Hard Work Always Pays

Hustle, grind, take immense action, work more hours, are all pieces of advice given by name brand business gurus. Almost as though that is the solution to all your problems… and there’s a degree of truth in it. This is partly due to our current business challenge off presentism.  You know, where someone is present for the working hours, but not truly putting in the work and being productive.

However, the problem with hard work is that it only pays if you are doing the best possible actions to achieve your success. What we experience in most cases is that progress is not happening, because hard work is present but the actions being done are not the ones needed. This has been a huge problem in 6 business I’ve worked with recently, where the business was getting noticeably worse on a daily basis even with the owner putting in 12 hours a day!

So hard work ONLY pays if it is doing perfect actions, otherwise, it will F#*k Up Your Business.

2. Copy Successful People

On countless occasions, people have told me that they’ve made a Donald Trump, Grant Cardone or Gary Vee decision… because they want to have success like them.  Then they struggle when the outcome of the decision, they’ve made, doesn’t match that of the already successful person! This is often because you don’t have their status, ‘fame’ and cash to pull off the decision that they would.

Copying successful people does have a degree of sense to it, however not how they are today… but how they went about their success when they were at the same stage as you are right now. If you are two years into business, you need to track back, do what they did then. Then you will start to make progress as they did.

The real truth is that almost all successful people did a lot of stuff that no one else wants to do for 5 – 15 years before we even heard about them!

So unless you have their cash and current ‘fame’ then copying successful people today will F#*k your business up.

3. It’s Not Right To Be Rich, When So Many People Are Poor…

The first time I heard this come from a client’s mouth, it left me lost for words. Was this something that people could believe? Well, it turns out it is, and far more common than I would have ever thought! 

It comes from the intention of wanting to help others and support our communities.  Yet only ever happens as giving fish to starving people, as opposed to teaching them how to actually fish!

This belief also comes from the fact that many people with money have been selfish with it. Sometimes even creating hardship for others in the pursuit of greater riches. This, however, does not have to be you.

You can choose to be rich. Become a role model, spend more in your community, teach others how to work and achieve riches, support local schools. You also choose to secure a future for yourself and your family and achieve your life goals.

A belief of not being rich, when so many are poor will F#*k Up Your Business!

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