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If you are like me, the see-saw is something I would run to in the playground. I used to love the sensation of springing up and then coming back down to earth with a big bump. The jarring as you used to hit the ground or the controlled landing if you used your legs. The feeling of getting stuck ‘in the air’ if the person was heavier than you. 

The see-saw was something that was in continuous motion and decided upon by whom, out of the two, was heavier. I used to harass my sister to go on the see-saw all the time and being heavier boned than her; I used to dictate the motion. I used to leave her hanging in the air for long periods until her screaming got too much. After doing this a few times, she would jump off when I was at the top, and I would come back down to earth with a big bump. 

Now, what to do? There I was on a see-saw and no one to play with! You guessed it. I climbed up and tried to balance the beam horizontally with one foot either side of the pivot. Put too much weight on one foot, and that side would hit the ground. Correct it too much the other side, and it happened again. It was utterly exhausting trying to get the beam to balance for any length of time. My core was certainly not strong enough then! Probably isn’t now as well!

Trying to balance the see-saw is an excellent metaphor for how so many business owners try to lead their lives. They are searching for the optimum point where their life is perfectly balanced. If they are lucky, they might find it for that split second, but then it comes crashing down again. How much time and effort do they spend trying to balance everything? When they have a late meeting, they miss seeing their kids before they go to bed. They take their family on holiday and yet spend the entire time on the phones and laptops and not being present. 

I don’t think balance is possible as you are always having to sacrifice one for the other, trying to please everybody and running yourself into a grave. So how do we ensure that we can keep everyone happy and have the life we want. 

Well, first, we need to be honest and open with the goals and dreams we are working towards and what it will take. Secondly, everyone has a different definition of success and supporting them achieve it is a sign of true love. Thirdly, if we focus on only one area of our life, we will end up unhappy in other areas. While we chase wealth, we need to maintain our health, grow the relationships that matter to us and ensure we keep developing ourselves. These are the four pillars of life that we need to ensure are looked after. 

We need to accept that we have one life, and it is not about balancing everything but integrating all pillars to help us achieve what our dreams are. How do we integrate? Well, we create our goals across all four pillars and communicate those to our close family and friends. This communication will help you have a support network keeping you on the path that you are choosing to go down. We ensure we are focusing the majority of our time on just those goals and not being distracted by everything else around us. 

Sounds simple, doesn’t it! We all know it is anything but simple, but the first step is to accept that balance is out of our reach for a long stretch of time. We then need to accept that what we are striving for is success with happiness and not loneliness. Now we are on the path to integrate the four pillars and be the very best version we can be. 

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